be nice and decent, appointment and cancellation rules:

If you make an appointment with me:

  • I rent a space that I spend money on whether you come or not;
  • I keep space free in my agenda, so if someone asks me something privately at that time, I say no.
  • Like another slave who wants an appointment at that moment, I refuse this because I already have an appointment with you.
  • I prepare my appointment by reading what your do’s and don’ts are and collect things together.
  • I make sure I have a nice, sexy outfit ready.

Slaves seem to score very high in the top 10 accidents. How many times have I been told on the day itself that they cannot come because that morning:

  • Mother-in-law under the bus,
  • Roof has collapsed,
  • Drived off the bridge with the car,
  • Dentures broken in half,
  • Goldfish needs to go to the doctor, etc.

It must be real, but sometimes I get the feeling that…

MORAL of this story and appointment rules:

  • Don’t make yourself or me feel bad, only make an appointment if you really want and can come.
  • If you really cannot come, it is always better and desirable that you cancel as soon as you know instead of not saying anything at all. Isn’t that what you do with all the other appointments in your life (doctor/clients/vague acquaintances)?
  • There are ladies who immediately put these cancelers (or non-compliers) on the internet with their name, email address and telephone number. I prefer not to do that because I prefer to assume people’s good intentions, BUT:

If you really can’t make it and you have a legitimate reason so you have to cancel, if you would like to respect yourself then you would make me happy to accommodate me and treat me to a:

digital gift voucher from
(Is completely anonymous. I only see the name you enter).